HOKKORI / ほっこり ・・・ You have a warm feeling inside your heart.

I got lost and walked around for an hour, then a woman asked me if I am okay and she took me to the place I wanted to go. I really appreciated her kindness and felt < HOKKORI >

We have established NPO HOKKORI JAPAN because we would like people from other countries to have a great time in Japan and experience HOKKORI feeling while they are in Japan.

We have lived in different countries and while we had a great time, we also had some difficulties finding a hospital and understanding the progress of the reservations, payment, insurance etc.. So for the first few months, we had to spend some time and money to see a doctor.

Luckily we had someone’s help most of the time but without that help, our life would have been more difficult.

In appreciation of those people who helped us, we would like to pass on the kindness we experienced, to visitors from other countries and that is the reason we have decided to start NPO HOKKORI JAPAN.

We are afraid to say but since we are not professionals of English and we are sorry for some grammar errors in our website. If there are major mistakes, we would appreciate your input through our inquiry form.

There are many visitors whose native language is not English and we would like to make our website easy and simple for them to understand and access information.