Best Local SAKI ? in Kanazawa/ Shuraku 酒楽

Sake is one of our favorite drinks that makes us smile big 🙂 and perfect in combination with most Japanese food. Sake is made from fermented rice, so meaning it has a high calorie, and I try no to drink so often. Once you taste the flavor, you can not stop drinking.

『Shuraku』 is located at the end of the Higashimachi-chaya district, an area that was established in 1820.
The traditional wooden buildings have remained beautifully, and you may enjoy working around them.

Hokkori Moments

Each Saki has a different taste and flavor, so it is hard to buy without tasting. The shop is offering tastings of more than 120 types of sakes. The sales staff asked for what kind of taste/flavor of saki do we like and recommended several. We had sweet and dry saki of 酒楽(Shuraku) for the tasting and also bought both tastes of small bottles for Omiyage(Souvenir).

If you have the comparing of three different tastes Saki Set, it will be served by Ochoko( Small cup for saki ) below the picture.