Cozy Backpackers Hostel recommend to Family / K’s house in Kanazawa /

What we love the most in this hotel is that all the guests take off our shoes!!!! Especially if you will stay in the dormitory room, this will be quite important. (Hope you know what I’m trying to say.) I recommend this hostel to Family guests. They have a cozy living area and kids can play there. The kitchen area was big and you can cook meals easily.

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It is located in a quiet area but still convenient to approach the sightseeing spots like a 21st-century museum (10mins), D.T Suzuki Museum (7mins), and Kenroku Garden(15mins).

Sleeping Area

We booked the Semi – dobule – bed dormitory is 3,441yen for one night. We are both small, so it was comfortable and slept very well than staying separately; There are three toilets and shower rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor, both are so clean. There are shampoo, conditioner, and body soap in the showrooms.

Kitchen Area

There are two sinks and one big fridge. The kitchen area was always kept clean.

Hostel Information

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