• Only basic information is provided here. Please check with each medical institution for details on medical treatment such as business hours and what language each facility can accommodate.
  • Please contact each medical institution before visiting.
  • There may be cases where treatment cannot be provided.

Kyoto Dentist Map

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Kyoto Dentist List

Nakai Dental Clinic(なかい歯科)Nishida Dental Clinic(ニシダ歯科)Yuuai Yoshida Dental Clinic(友愛吉田歯科医院)Shijo Karasuma Dental Clinic(医療法人 奏歯会 四条烏丸歯科クリニック)Ekimae Orthodontics(駅前矯正歯科)Yamamoto Dental Clinic(医療法人社団 愛泉会 山本歯科医院)Takeuchi Dental Clinic(竹内歯科医院)Yamagami Dental Clinic(山上歯科診療所)Kumamoto Dental Clinic(熊本歯科医院)Umedu Dental Clinic(医療法人社団 聖歯会 梅津歯科医院)Fujibayashi Dental Clinic(フジバヤシ歯科クリニック)Okada Dental Clinic(岡田歯科医)Maeda Dental Clinic(まえだ歯科)Kitayama Yoshikawa Dental Clinic(北山吉川歯科クリニック)Yoshikawa Dental Clinic(よしかわ歯科医院)Yoshida Dental Clinic(吉田歯科医院)Kyoto University Hospital, Dept. of Oral Surgery(京都大学医学部附属病院 歯科口腔外科)Nakamura Naoko Dental Clinic(中村尚子歯科診療所)Iryo Hojin Shadanseiwakai Inoue Dental Clinic(医療法人社団 清和会 井上歯科医院)Makimura Dental Clinic(まきむらデンタルクリニック)Fukui Dental Clinic(福井歯科医院)Hayami Orthodontic Office Orthodontic Exclusively(速水矯正歯科)