How to stay CHEAP in Japan! Let’s use 100yen shops wisely.

Staying in Japan is expensive if you compare it with other Asia countries. But there are some tips to save your money if you know where to buy.

One of the famous shops that kind to our wallet among Japanese and visitors must be “100yen shops “. Those shops are now all over Japan, even in small cities you can mostly find at least one 100yen shop.

The DAISO, Seria and Can★DO are the famous 100 yen shops. Each shop has its products and characteristics. For example, We think DAISO has more varieties of the products than others, but Seria has more stylish products.

Almost all items are 100 yen and which is very useful & helpful. Today I would like to introduce 『three tips』 to use the 100 yen shop wisely.

  • Tips1
    Before you go to the 100yen shop, I recommend you to make a shopping list what you really need to buy. Otherwise, you’ll spend more than you thought 😉
  • Tips2
    If you go to Supermarkets or Drug-stores, you can get the same items at less than 100 yen.
  • Tips3
    “Quality.” If you want to buy something you would like to use for a long time, better to buy at proper stores.

Daily essential



The fluffy towels are popular in the winter season. The cat yellow towel on the righted side in the below picture is the gauze towel.


There are socks, stockings, and underwear. They have variety of designs in socks nowadays.

Hygiene items


There are band-aid made of cloth and a waterproof one.

Face masks

Especially during the wintertime, you will see so many Japanese people are wearing the mask. The face mask does not only protect yourself from other sick people but also it’s a useful way to hide your face (emotion) from someone. Also, from the women’s side, we can keep face (not only throat)from drying.


  • Earrings
  • Hair ties
  • Head Bands
  • Hair Blushes
  • Stand & Hand size Mirrors


At the DAISO, there is a series of cosmetics collaboration with Hello-kitty. These items are all in 100yen!! Especially, The eyeshadows have cute autum colors.

Seasonal Items

What I like about 100yen shops is that they have seasonal items. For example, if it’s at ” Halloween season,” Halloween times are displayed. In Halloween, I usually go to the 100yen shop first and check what items they sales, and after that, check Amazon for costumes. So you can save some money on Halloween events. When it comes to Christmas time, you can buy Christmas designed lapping papers, gift cards, ornaments, and so on. Drop by the 100yen shop! You will spend at least an hour! 🙂

Baking Items

These items are only a few products of them. I recommend you to drop by 100 yen shops! Enjoy your shopping!!