Cozy Coffee shop in Kanazawa / Yasuecho Jardin Cafe / 安江町ジャルダン

In Kanazawa, there are many lovely and cozy cafes. So It’s not so hard to find the “Hokkori” cafe.
We visited one of the old Japanese style cafes『Yasuecho-Jardin cafe』which is located just within 10mins from Kanazawa Station. The cafe made from a renovated old house in Meiji-period.

Hokkori Moments

When We found this cafe!

Having a coffee and feeling of the Meiji-period of Japan.



*All the drinks are around 500yen.

  • This week’s coffee:530yen
  • Ice Coffee:500yen
  • Cafe au lait:500yen
  • Cocoa:500yen
  • Green tea milk:600yen
  • Kirin Beer:580yen

Cafe Information

  • Open hours:11:30〜19:00
    (Fri〜Sun 11:30〜22:00)
  • Closed:Tuesday
  • Tell:076-254-1654
  • Web-site:
  • Address:18-12 Yasuecho Kanazwaa Ishikawa