Secret Sightseeing Spots in Kanazawa / D.T Suzuki Museum / 鈴木大拙館

We love this museum! The inside of the building was very peaceful. We were able to feel relaxing and enjoyed Daisetsu Suzuki’s world. This building is famous for the architect, and it is also known as self-reflection space.

The museum sometimes has Special Nighttime Opening and held events like acoustic music lives. It must be wonderful to listen to music live there. We would love to come back for it one day. Please check their website:

Hokkori Moments

We visited in the middle of September, and the leaves changing color hasn’t started yet. However, it was so nice feeling seating on the Tatami chair (The picture below) and looking at trees from the rectangle space. We both felt clam and “Hokkori.”



Several buses stop at the closest bus stop to the museum.

Hokutetsu-Bus: (We took this way.)
Take No.18 bus at the Kanazawa station and get off at 本多町(Honda-machi) stop. From Honda-machi bus stop to the museum is about 5mins on foot. (It cost 200yen)